Custom SUB-30 UltraBend

Brendan Power dopo aver ammirato l’eleganza dei combs realizzati da Max Manganelli di BluexLab,  ha colto l’occasione per lavorare con lui alla creazione di un comb dalle  alte prestazioni  per la Sub-30UltraBend.
Il comb  è stato progettato prestando particolare attenzione al  sistema di rampe come nella BMH30, e scrupolosamente attento ai dettagli in ogni aspetto.

Inizialmente disponibile in alluminio anodizzato e ottone cromato.

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The stock SUB30 UltraBend comes with an ABS plastic comb. Many players these days prefer solid combs, and Brendan has combined with two respected custom comb makers to create them in two forms: traditional un-lipped style, and lipped solid comb.

After experimenting on his own to find the best internal geometary for maximising the performance of the UltraBend, Brendan sent his designs to Tom Halchak of Blue Moon Harmonicas and Max Manganelli of BluexLab.

With Tom, Brendan has created the BMH30, a traditional sandwich-style comb with some smart innovations: slotted screw holes so players can adjust the reedplates to their liking, bevelled lower screw holes to accommodate the cratering effect of self-tapping screws. And then there is the special internal ramping system that keeps chamber volume to a minimum for top performance – especially in the high range. It’s designed to take Manji coverplates to create a bright-sounding traditional looking harp. Comb materials are currently anodized black aluminium and Corian.

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Brendan admired the stylish combs made by Max Manganelli of BluexLab, and took the opportunity to work with him on creating a high-performance lipped solid comb for the UltraBend. With the same ramping system as the BMH30 and scrupulous attention to detail in every aspect, the gorgeous BluexLab/PowerUltra comb is the result.
Initially available in anodized aluminium and chromed brass…

“Brendan Power & Zombor Kovacs launch, a new and different harmonica website devoted to harps with extra reeds for bending”.

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